Solar Observing Special Interest Group

About this SIG


To provide club members who are interested in observing our closest star, the knowledge of equipment and skills needed. Due to the danger associated with this activity, only adult club members who have already developed skill in using their nighttime equipment are encouraged to participate.


  1. Educate club members on the dangers of viewing the Sun and the type of equipment needed to observe the Sun safely. (how the eye is damaged / telescopes, filters. misc accessories).
  2. Sharing of observing techniques and observations among club members. (white-light & H-alpha / visual sketches & photography).
  3. Develop a resource list of club members and their type of equipment used in solar observing.
  4. Encourage club members to record their observations and participate in the AAVSO or ALPO solar programs. (sunspot counts, visual sketches, photographs).


Solar observing, like most other astronomical activities, tends to be accomplished on an individual basis. The Solar Group will try to plan activities during the starparty season by having group observing sessions on the date of club starparties prior to sunset. In addition, informal group get togethers prior to AAAP club meetings, or at club members houses at other times of the month are possible. Also, Email and the Internet will be used to foster communication among group members.



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