Lunar and Planetary Observing Special Interest Group

About this SIG

The purpose of this special interest group in to promote the education and observation of bodies within our solar system.

Any member of the AAAP is eligible to joint this group. Since the moon and most planets are easy to find, do not need an extremely dark sky or elaborate equipment, beginning or novice astronomers may be especially interested in joining us. It is not a necessity to own your own equipment to actively participate in this group. Any members interested in joining the Lunar and Planetary Interest Group should contact Tim Hagan or 724-713-1896


Tim Hagan
Phone: 724-713-1896


Observing Certificates The AAAP will award certificates to those astronomers who complete a specified list of objects. The AAAP already offers a lunar certificate (to be posted), and has hopes of developing a planetary certificate.

Group Observing Sessions I guess we'll call these planet parties instead of star parties will be held on a regular basis. The observing sessions will be scheduled around particular lunar or planetary events such as transits of Jupiter's moon or Great Red Spot. These observing sessions will be posted here and on the AAAP listserver.


Here are links that may prove to be useful to lunar and planetary observers:


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