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Guide Star Online

With the advent of the new online version of the Guide Star, the Officers ask all members to consider un-subscribing from the paper edition. This would save the AAAP money used to print and mail, as well as ease the handling effort of volunteers. Those who do unsubscribe will receive an email notification each month when the new online version is available via the main mailing list. If you want to unsubscribe just send an email to the

The editors of the Guide Star want you to know that they are continuing to improve the quality of the electronic version keeping file size in mind. If you have any comments, suggestions, or submissions, send them to:   The deadline for Guide Star submissions is the 20th of each month.

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Executive Committee

The complete Executive Committee consists of the officers, observatory directors, and several additional members. The bylaws provide for no less than three and no more than seven additional members to be appointed by the president.

Eric Fischer
Bill Moutz
Chris Mullin
Joyce Osborne-Fischer
Michael Skowvron

AAAP Committees and Chairs

Committee Chairperson
AAAP Merchandise Mark Arelt
Archiving Art Glaser, Curator and Chair
Handicapped Access Dick Haddad
Information Technology ::
Light Pollution Someone needed!!
Night Sky Network coordinators
Kathy DeSantis
Joyce A Osborne-Fischer
Telescope Equipment Loan Contact a Mingo Observatory Director
Valley View Observatory Reconstruction Tom Reiland ::
Wagman Winterfest Pete Zapadka ::

Contests, Awards, and Certificates

Kevin Brunelle Astrophotography Contest Members submit astrophotos in different catagories, judged by the membership
Scanlon Certificate A list of objects to observe for the beginner
Messier Certificate Observe all 109 Messier objects
Mullaney-McCall Certificate Observe all the objects in the Mullaney/McCall list

AAAP Membership directory

Download the entire membership directory as a PDF