Directions to AAAP Greene County Site

  1. Follow I-79 south to I-70 (A good place to meet up with others is the rest area on I-79, 1 mile south of the Bridgeville exit, #11).
  2. Follow I-70 west to exit 4, Chestnut St. and US 40.
  3. Take exit 4, turn right heading east on US 40.
  4. Turn right at the 2nd traffic light (at the Wendy's, Denny's and motel).
  5. Follow this road past Franklin Mall to PA 18, appx. 1 mile.
  6. Turn right heading south on PA 18.
  7. Follow PA 18 south for about 12 miles. You will then be near the star on the map.
  8. Follow the map from there (its like "star hopping", but with intersections).

When you reach the site, please: