AAAP Credit Union Membership


- By W. Barbin

The AAAP has joined The USX Federal Credit Union.

Q. What is a Credit Union?
A. A credit union is a not-for-profit organization providing financial services for its membership at either reduced rates that are offered by banks and savings & loans or return the profits back to the membership in the form of a Member Loyalty Reward.

Q. Does it cost anything to join the credit union?
A. There are no fees to join but a minimum balance of $25 is required to open an account.

Q. Are your funds insured?
A. Credit unions are insured by the NCUA. Both the NCUA and the FDIC are Federal agencies and follow identical practices.

Q. Who can join?
A. Every member of the club and their immediate family are eligible for membership.

Q. Because the credit union has a limited number of offices, why should you join instead of using your local bank?
A. Saving money! If you are a saver, the answer is obvious! The credit union is offering rates well above any of the local banks and possibly the Member Loyalty Reward rates are among the highest in the nation at this time! If youíre an ATM user, you may find that the credit union is as close as the ATM machine at your local bank!

Q. Why not just check out USX-FCU for yourself?
A. Type and explore their website. You might be surprised by not only the services but also how many local companies already use the services of the credit union!

Q. How difficult was it for our group to join the credit union?
A. Any group of people with something in common can join. Church groups, employers, any social or professional group that has a charter, constitution, or federal employer number may join. The rules are very liberal.

Iíve been a member of USX-FCU for the last thirty years through my employer. I was unaware that the club could join until recently.

Enjoy this new benefit.