Sky Friendly Frazer

March 17, 1999

From the AAAP listserer, sent by : Pete Zapadka

Greetings all, with some very good news --

Lori Ziencik of Frazer Township called me today after receiving the packet we mailed to the 20 communities in our so-called LP Zone around Wagman Observatory.

Lori told me she has instructed the township solicitor to begin drafting a lighting ordinance. She expects the ordinance could be in place by June if all goes well!!

To help our "home" township further, I faxed a copy of the Model Light Pollution Ordinance for Cities and Towns, provided by the International Dark-Sky Association.

Lori and I also discussed the very preliminary possibility of the club providing Hubbell Sky Caps for some residents (or perhaps the fire hall) with obtrusive lighting near the observatory, such as Dr. Kurn's home at the corner of Kurn and Fairfield, right below Wagman. For those who do not know, the sky caps turn terrible lights into tolerable lights, and direct the light downward where it is needed. This installation was discussed a long time ago but not acted on because of lack of funds. Lori believes Dr. Kurn, whom she describes as "a very nice man," would be receptive to this. More on this later.

I am very pleased with this news from Lori, who has been on our side for a long time. I recommend that if the ordinance passes and is a solid ordinance that we offer some appropriate "thank you" to Lori and the Frazer officials.

Thanks to the LP Committee for your great help! The quest has just begun.

May all your skies be clear -- and they're one step closer to being dark