Rock(y) III

December 1, 1998

To no one's surprise, and verifying the prediction of this humble editor, the Rock Air Port of Pittsburgh has a fancy new sign embossed on a brick edifice illuminated with (you guessed it) ground-level, skyward-pointed halogen flood lights. If this Rock gets on a Roll with his proposed plans for West Deer Township and its "tax-free zone", we might as well put high pressure, globe lights along the observatory drive way so no one stubs their toe in the dark. The commitment from our new aviation tycoon to be a "good neighbor" has already been forgotten. It looks like the board of supervisors is our best hope for any sort of control. We are stuck between a Rock and Dark space, and we may be the only voice that can stop that Rock from rolling into the dark and shattering it. Contact Bob Mickey on the Light Pollution Committee ( to see what you can do to help.