AAAP Light Pollution Committee

From the September Guide Star

The long-planned AAAP Light Pollution Committee has been formed with five start-up members (Pete Zapadka, Terry Trees, Bill Yorkshire, Dan Reed, and chairman Bob Mickey), and has already moved to protect the Wagman Observatory from the pending development related to Frazer Mall. Here is Bill Yorkshire's first report:

Following our committee's organizational meeting in late July, I met with Frazer Township commissioner Lori Ziencik on August 19 to discuss the impact that light pollution from the proposed mall site and future development could have on WO. I presented her with existing ordinances from other municipalities and explained efficient and poor lighting options for residential and commercial use. I suggested using the International Dark Sky Associations's (IDA) control ordinances as a guideline for Frazer Township when formulating their own policy. Ms. Ziencik agreed o present my suggestions to the other commissioners and the solicitor at their September 1 workshop. She then agreed to present AAAP with a copy of their formulated policy for our review. Passage may come as early as October on this matter so vital to the future f the observatory.

I was pleased at the way the meeting went. Ms. Ziencik has long been a supporter of the AAAP and a friend of the astronomical community.

The AAAP Light Pollution COmmittee continues to meet to discuss matters of energy and light pollution as they impact out local communities. THe committee is also discussing ways to recognize architectural designs which employ efficient and effective use of outdoor lighting, and the possibility of rewarding such efforts with some type of recognition.

Those wishing to join the L.P.C should contact Bob Mickey at