June 24, 1999

From the AAAP listserver, sent by Bill Yorkshire

Anyone interested in attending a workshop every 4th Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at West Deer Municipal Bldg.? The next one is scheduled for tomorrow night, June 24. In speaking with a Mr. Gary Bogan, the code enforcement officer, light pollution-related topics can be brought up. Seeing how West Deer has very minimal ordinances at present which only include loading dock lighting and light tresspass, it would be to our advantage to have representation at these meetings. Rock Ferrone's new industrial complex and airport are not covered by the existing ordinances. Formal meetings are held every 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:30 at the municipal bldg. Proposals are voted on or tabled here, but you must be on the docket to speak. Developer's alarmingly give municipalities approx. a week notice to act on related issues. To put it plainly, West Deer and Frazer don't always know what's going on, and that may be by design.

In speaking with James McClaskey, a commissioner at West Deer, my impression was that they are very laissez faire when addressing Rock Ferrone. I also spoke with Lori Zeincik, regarding the Frazer Transportation Authority (FTA). This was formed to acquire state funding for the Route 28 access/mall intrastructure. Lori indicated to me that we are very much part of the light pollution issue with regards to working with developers. The engineering firm is concerned that our demands are too specific, but she felt that this can be worked out. The final proposals for lighting standards have been pushed back to the end of the summer.

The good thing about Frazer Township is that they have 9 appointed residents who provide input from the community on development issues, something West Deer doesn't have. At the same time, Frazer has no code enforcement services and they are negotiating with the developer for moneys to provide such services. The main issue they face right now is the sewage concerns for the mall, over which the EPA has strict guidelines. This is slowing the entire project down, and puts other issues on hold.

The Keystone PA Opportunity Zone Initiative(KOZ) was approved the same day Rock Ferrone applied for it. The clock is running and forcing him to move quickly to plan layout, access roads, and intrastructure. Lori feels they are left in the dark, probably by design, to avoid conflicts with the planners. They usually have only a week to ten days to approve proposals of this type. As far as light pollution ordinances of the airport go, this still falls under the auspices of West Deer, not Frazer, even though Frazer, on paper, has the transportational authority.

I am confident that Frazer will have light pollution ordinances in place, but we need to make our presence know more in West Deer through attending formal meetings and workshops as related to the Rock industrial complex. The airport is completely separate and there are no airport codes and ordinances in place.

Bill Yorkshire