June 12, 1999

From the AAAP listserver. Sent by: Bob Mickey

Sent by: Robert Mickey

I sent a message to Gary Honis of POLC about possibly combining some efforts 
statewide on the Light Pollution front. It was brought up at their 
meeting(last paragraph below). My feeling is that there is a lot of good 
information to be shared and clout in united efforts. Any thoughts/interest 
in trying to share ideas with our eastern neighbors?
Dark Skies,
Bob Mickey

>From: Gary Honis 
>To: Bob Mickey 
>Subject: POLC June 2 Meeting Notes
>Date: Thu, 03 Jun 1999 16:49:38 -0400
>To:  POLC Members
>POLC Meeting Notes
>June 2, 1999
>Stanley Stubbe brought a copy of the new IESNA Practice RP-33, „Lighting
>for Exterior Environmentsš.  Stan is a member of the IES‚s Outdoor
>Environmental Lighting Committee that prepared the practice.  His
>contributions to the practice included authoring Section 6, „Lighting
>Ordinances", of the publication..  An objective of the POLC will be to
>become familiar with the practice's recommendations.
>The latest version of the draft POLC model ordinance will be distributed
>for review and input by POLC members.  The final version of the POLC
>model ordinance will then be made available on the POLC web site.
>Discussed problems with enforcement/lack of enforcement of lighting
>POLC members provided updates on member involvement with local
>governments on lighting issues.
>PENN DOT will be contacted concerning last year‚s meeting and lighting
>recommendations made by the POLC.
>Discussed sports field lighting applications.  Stan has been assisting
>with sports field lighting at North Coventry Township.  Discussed the
>use of shielded fixtures made by Soft Lighting Systems.
>The group discussed an email Gary received from Bob Mickey concerning
>organizing statewide efforts and a statewide meeting. Discussed possible
>dates and locations for an annual POLC meeting that would allow others
>from across the state to attend.  A meeting at Fowlers Hollow State Park
>in Perry County was proposed, with meeting time scheduled on Saturday
>afternoon, October 2 and Sunday early afternoon, October 3 to allow as
>many as possible to attend.  The meeting date, location and agenda would
>be based on a statewide consensus.
>Gary Honis