Oooh Pretty, But Stupid

The absurd idea of spending real dollars and energy to light Pittsburgh's downtown bridges in order to "attract visitors" is again being (quietly) discussed on Grant Street. At the sept 11th meeting it was pointed out that an article in the a Pittsburgh weekly newspaper detailed councilman Sala Udin's plan to add decorative lighting to bridges all over downtown. This idea was brought out last year, and a demonstration was even constructed. Public response was less than enthusiastic. (Unfortunately, many of the public thought the bridge wasn't bright enough, and disliked it for that reason). But there were those in the community who pointed out the energy and dollar waste, and some even mentioned the damage to an already brightening night sky, and the proposal was shunted to the background. Now it seems that the dear councilman has once again determined to make his mark on Pittsburgh (and the night sky). Stay tuned for further developments, and let your voice be heard!.