Letter to Future Generations

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The quest to establish our position in the Universe, "somewhere between the atom and the nebula," according to astronomer Harlow Shapley, has been ongoing since we humans first became aware of our surroundings.

Our progress has been marked in various ways, from such rocky cairns as Stonehenge to sophisticated astronomical instruments, like the Hubble telescope or computers, all devised to receive and analyze waves of energy from remote sources of time and space, all trying to solve the enigma of how and why we were created!

In the vast reaches of space and time, on this Earth on which we live, "a tiny mote of dust," says Shapley, "dancing in the infinite," we constantly wonder if we are alone, or are there others out there, all trying to answer these same questions?

All our scientists working together may somehow find an answer, while our probes wander to other galaxies inviting cooperation. We amateurs gladly share our interest in the stars with others, broadening the possibility of awakening the curiosity and enthusiasm of an incipient Newton or an Einstein. Only time will tell!


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