Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh
Directions to Wagman Observatory, (724) 224-2510

From Route 8
  1. Follow route 8 to Gibsonia.
  2. At the traffic light with route 910, turn onto 910 heading east. Note that route 910 is also called the "Orange Belt"; watch for the signs marking this road.
  3. Follow the Orange Belt/PA 910 east for 2.2 miles. This brings you to Foley Chrysler/Jeep on the left.
  4. At this point, the Orange Belt and 910 go separate ways. Just beyond the Foley agency, turn left onto Oak Road, still following the Orange Belt.
  5. Stay on the Orange Belt for about 5 miles as it winds through the scenic Pennsylvania countryside. The Bairdford Road intersection is a little tricky; turn right then bear immediately to the left, continue to Saxonburg Blvd. Left (North) on Saxonburg Blvd., follow Saxonburg for about 1/4 mile, turn right on Starr Road, follow Orange Belt signs into Russellton.
  6. In downtown Russellton, following the Orange Belt, you will make a left turn followed immediately by a right turn (between the bank and drug store).
  7. You will pass a Mars Bank on your right hand, and a car wash on your left. Then, just after passing through the railroad overpass, the entrance to Deer Lakes Park will be on the left. Turn left into the park. You've made it this far, don't give up now! Believe it or not, this is where many people get lost!!
  8. Follow the road through the park for 1.2 miles. Ignore the signs and turn-offs for entrance #1 and entrance #2. Stay on the main road.
  9. You will soon be driving up a steep hill and going through a sharp left curve, then a right curve. Then, just at the crest of the hill, on the left hand side, is a yellow gate with the street number "225" on the right-hand pillar; this is the entrance to the observatory. If the gate is opened, drive on in! Please turn off your headlights and proceed with parking lights only (if dark). Note that the observatory has no domes; it looks like a windowless house with a split roof. Many people who see it during the day believe it is some type of utility shed!
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